Empire In Ruins Campaign

The Former Empire of Nerath, center of human civilization since ancient times, collapsed over 150 years ago against multiple hordes of evil and chaos. As the Empire of Nerath fell, it fractured into isolated city-states and towns – dim candles, flickering within the encroaching darkness of the World.

As Nerath diminished, allied nations of other races, Elves, Dwarves, and Halflings, withdrew into seclusion. Parts of the empire reverted to their tribal, barbaric roots. Forces of chaos and magic, evil and shadow, legend and myth – threaten the survival of all who value the principles of good, order, and nature. Paved stone roads, once the pride of an empire and filled with trade caravans, now suffer from neglect as they are reclaimed by wilderness, bandits, or worse. Empty watchtowers overlook abandoned settlements and bramble covered fields and valleys, now silent except for the rustling of leaves and the call of the raven on the wind.

The World needs heroes…to stand against the tide, to bring light to the shadows, and to drive away the madness and fear that threaten to destroy all hope. Are you ready to enter the Empire in Ruins?

Empire in Ruins

Ruined castle dbucciar