Knights of Nerath

Knights of Nerath are an order of knights dedicated to Kord and were the most elite body of troops to serve King Elidyr of Nerath. Founded over 1000 years ago, the organization survived the fall of the empire but today only a dozen of these knights remain, now serving at the rank of Exalted Paladin. The 12 Paladins are found in a few citadels dedicated to Kord scattered throughout the former Empire of Nerath. They exist today in order to uphold the tenants of Kord while attempting to bring back the glory of the former Empire of Nerath.

There are three ranks in the Knights of Nerath: Novice (PC levels 1-10), Knight (levels 11-20), and Paladin (levels 21-30). The Knights of Nerath send their Novices out into the world on quests to earn their full Knighthood by accomplishing heroic deeds worthy of Kord.

Members of this knightly order are recognized by the short cut of their hair, their well-formed plate armor with high neck-guards, their use of asymmetric, heavy shields, and the wearing of a long, red sash. Precision sword-work and physical prowess are highly regarded by the Knights and one may often hear the sounds of martial training from within the walls of their white citadels.

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Knights of Nerath

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